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Office Closure

Following the recommendation by the government in the last few days, that any business that can
introduce remote working should, we will be shutting our office at the close of business this Friday.

I wanted to write to you about what impact this will have on you and the plans that we have put into
place. We are already well set up for remote working as much of what we do is cloud based,
meaning that we work largely with online platforms through the use of the internet. We also
recently installed a new telephone system which allows us to transfer calls to a home telephone
number. However, there will be a few changes of which you may need to be aware.

If you rely on us to carry out your bookkeeping, you may have already heard from us about how
remote working may change the way that we interact with you. Now our office will be closing, we
wanted to reassure you that you can still deliver your books and records to us by using our post box.
We will be visiting the office on a daily basis and will be able to collect and process your paperwork
as usual. If, however, you wish to send us your paperwork electronically and we have not already
spoken to you about this, then please call us for guidance.

Our office telephone number, 01684 438338, will remain available as usual. However, you may be
asked to leave a message and your details if you wish to speak to a particular member of our team.
Please be patient and work with us on this.

All email messages can be sent as usual and we are keen that there will be no interruption to our
usual working practices. We have received confirmation from our online platform suppliers that
they are continuing to operate as normal.

If you usually collect your books and records from our office, we are waiving any storage fees that
we would usually charge until the end of the pandemic. For those who wish to have paperwork
returned regularly, we are happy to post records back to you using Royal Mail or a courier service. If
we have not already spoken to you about this, then please contact us.
We are now close to the end of the next tax year, this being on 5 th April 2020. We would like to
encourage all of our self-employed clients to drop their books and records to us soon after this date.
This will allow us to begin work on preparing your accounts in good time. Having up to date
accounts may also assist with insurance claims, benefit claims and loan applications should these be
needed. As already mentioned, these can be dropped into the office through our letter box. If this
is not possible, due to the size and amount of your records, then please contact and we can make
arrangements for you to drop these to us at a particular day and time.

We will be sending out regular emails with updates on the help available to businesses and
government announcements. We have heard from some clients that they are not receiving these
emails. If you have not received emails from us recently, then please ensure that all of our email
addresses are whitelisted with your email provider.

If you would like to discuss with us how we can help with business planning or advice, then please
contact us. We will do all we can to support you through the changing and challenging times ahead.


Karen Lowen.

By: Office Closure
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