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Cloud Based Accounting

Accounting 'in the cloud' essentially means keeping your accounts using your computer, your smart phone or your tablet. As the records are kept securely in the cloud they can be accessed anywhere. This also means that your records stay safe - ideal if you are always hunting around for those missing invoices. It is also possible to upload your bank statements directly from your bank into your accounts package.

We offer a range of Sage products that work in the cloud. Increasingly the Inland Revenue expects their customers to be computer literate and already payroll and VAT have to be submitted online. It is inevitable that all services will eventually be online and therefore it is advisable to get a head start.

The packages are easy to use and there is free support from Sage 24/7 included in the cost. Prices start from just £5.00 per month, plus vat.

As Sage One Certified Accountants we can access your cloud accounting package via our hub and advise you when we need more information. We can even contact you through the package to ask questions about your accounts.

So why not find out more by asking us for a free demonstration?



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